The Company

Business History

Solutions in Marketing (SIM) was founded by Loraine Phelps in 2000 and incorporated in June 2001. The company is headquartered in Henderson, Nevada. SIM’s core services are:

Strategic Analysis Retail Marketing and Promotions
Web and E- Commerce Print Brokering
Brand Identify Multi-Cultural Marketing
Creative Design Database Services and Marketing

SIM grew out of the premise that strategic marketing practices executed with breakthrough creativity will produce a noteworthy return for the client. SIM believes that a brand isn’t just a communication issue; it is a leadership issue. The core services offered by SIM have not changed over the years, but instead have been streamlined for more effective client-oriented results. However, SIM does realize that an awareness of the marketplace must be maintained at all times and in order to be successful it must adapt to the changing needs of the market place with precision.

Loraine Phelps, the managerial leader, takes a disciplined multidimensional approach to strategic marketing and execution in considering all the angles still at the core of SIM's proprietary results-oriented model. The model brings together the balance of science and art all in one strategy, ensuring a well rounded thought process with results-oriented measurements. Her role as a leader surrounded innovative new launches and strategic management during acquisitions as she effectively managed a team effort and kept the vision balanced with reality.

Loraine Phelps leadership experience with Clear Channel, Tribune Broadcasting, Regent Communications, and ADVO / Valassis and her knowledge of the process intricacies in the media industry have been a key factor in what services SIM provides and in the way in which SIM does business with clients. SIM's mission is aimed at great marketing and nothing less. The company's focus is on excellence rather than size and that philosophy has guided the company's growth.

SIM was one of the first marketing companies to launch web and internet-based email and search engine marketing. This knowledge of the internet enables SIM to assist its clients with realizing the maximum financial benefits of integrating technology and traditional marketing.

SIM has an ever increasing wide range of clients which include Business to Business entities, Fortune 500, Biotech and Science, Healthcare, Real Estate, Financial, Public and Privately Traded Companies, and new acquisitions. They are secure in the knowledge that SIM's wealth of experience and expertise, diligence and commitment will successfully launch their products and acquisitions so that they are more visible and have an established brand identity. Efficient marketing tools include expansive strategic analysis, targeted multicultural diversity marketing, Web and E-commerce and other sourcing capabilities.

Loraine Phelps has a complete appreciation of how sophisticated analysis, aculturalization and identity expression in the multicultural diversity markets play a significant role in capitalizing on the potential of this vastly previously untapped segment of an ever increasing population. Her company SIM is dedicated to helping its clients take advantage of growth opportunities in the coming century by strategically targeting these diverse markets.